Enjoy our St. Petersburg sightseeing guided tour and discover the Peter and Paul Fortress

The Northern Palmira Cup’s Organizing Committee invites you to join Saint Petersburg sightseeing guided tours and discover the Peter and Paul Fortress!

During the tour, you will have a perfect opportunity to:

  • Discover the historic city center of St. Petersburg; see the famous Saint Isaac's Square and Palace Square;
  • Drive along Nevsky Prospekt and other central city streets;
  • Enjoy unique architectural ensembles and monuments (Anichkov Bridge, Palace Bridge, the Hermitage Museum, the Kazan Cathedral, Church of the Savior on Blood and many others);
  • Appreciate the beauty of Neva River and enjoy the views of the Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Peter and Paul Fortress, Cruiser Aurora, the spit of Vasilyevsky Island, the Bronze Horseman, Senate Square, Kunstkamera Museum, and many others;
  • Visit the Peter and Paul Fortress, a unique historical and architectural landmark and fortification masterpiece of the 18th-20th centuries; the popular historical city sight was where the history of St. Petersburg started;

    Петропавловская крепость


  • Explore the minicity of St. Petersburg! Enjoy the replicas of St. Petersburg landmarks where every kid will feel like a giant!

Санкт-Петербург в миниатюре

  • They say Chizhik-Pyzhik the Bird and the monument to Peter the Great, both located near the St. Michael’s Castle, make wishes come true. Take your chance!

Михайловский замок и Чижик Пыжик

Why you should book a tour with us:

  • Guided tour full of adventures
  • Professional service
  • Safety guaranteed

If you would like to book a tour, please email us at: incoming@rbtour.ru


Please specify the following details in your message:

  1. Your team name;
  2. The city your team represents;
  3. Preferred date and time of tour;
  4. Full names and DOBs of children who would like to take the tour and details of people who accompany them, including cell phone numbers;
  5. Preferred method of advance payment (Sberbank or Alfa-Bank card, corporate account)

Please file your applications before April 15. We will need some time to compile the lists of participants, and apply to the Russian State Road Safety Inspectorate to get a permission for transportation of children.

Based on group lists, we will determine the costs for your team and notify you in detail before April 17.

We will need a 50% advance payment of the total tour cost; you may pay the rest upon arrival.