The referees

Every day we are approaching one of the main events not only in St. Petersburg, but also in Russia. This is the North Palmyra Cup. We are very much trying to make this event again unforgettable for everyone! We are the whole team working on the embodiment of the fact that does not allow us to sleep for six months! Work on the tournament began exactly then! And every day the excitement will only grow. I hope that those representative offices that have expressed a desire to come to our tournament will certainly be satisfied! For my part I want to say, that the referee's It is only the accredited judges of the national ITF federation, headed by its Chairman of the Jury of Judges Kim Maksim Zenhenovich, the Judge of the International Category "A", 6 Dan, as well as the Deputy Chairman of the Judicial Panel Mikaelyan Petros Konstantinovich , Judge of the International category "A", 5 Dan. I hope that this will help us make our tournament even more colorful, interesting and most importantly the most massive !!! Sincerely, the main organizer of the tournament, Krivoruk Oleg